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‘Sanibonani’ Welcome

The Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is an ancient country of pristine beauty where nature lingers to display her many gifts to Mankind. eSwatini, located in Southern Africa, is where mountains hide secrets that go back centuries to the beginning of time itself.

His Majesty’s nation received independence the same year he was born. His Majesty’s father King Sobhuza II named him Makhosetive which means King of Nations.

Here live the Swazis, proud of their heritage, who hold tight to their traditions that are to them as sacred as life itself.

Even when the British accupied the land for 65 years, ruling it as a Protectorate of the British Empire, the Swazi people found meaning and comfort in their traditions.

Into this long line of Kings was born one whose arrival coincided with the departure of the British and colonialism in 1968. It was the year when Swaziland became a sovereign state carrying its own flag.

King Mswati III, Son of King Sobhuza II

A man of destiny, born to rule, His Majesty King Mswati III ascended the throne in 1986 at the age of 18. He possessed all the attributes demanded by Swazi tradition to be chosen King.

But as a ruler born to modern times His Majesty faces a world ignorant of the Swazi traditions that he is duty bound to sustain and it is with patience that His Majesty continues to reign, the only absolute monarch in Africa who rules his country with a firm hand.

Today at the age of 50 it is hard to believe that His Majesty has already acquired more than two decades of experience in governance. Those close to His Majesty know the wisdom that is hidden behind the humble demeanour and pleasant smiles.

They know the passion with which His Majesty scrutinises government plans and the demands he makes to plant efficiency into the action of his offices.

He travels the world to forge alliances so Swaziland may benefit from foreign direct investment to build its infrastructure and grow its economy.

In 1999 His Majesty inspired the formulation of Vision 2022 as a roadmap for the nation to move the economy to the next level.

He has directed the reorientation of education to move from coventional academic perspective to adopt a more practical and functional skill-based curriculum by expanding and strengthening the traditional practical subjects.

He wants more support to be given to skill development centres, so they may admit students who do not have formal high school qualifications.

His Majesty sees in the next generation the salvation of Swaziland and insists that Swazi youths receive the kind of education that builds their confidence through acquisition of 21st century skills.

King Mswati III-an extraordinary monarch

His Majesty is an extraordinary monarch who lives the legacies he has inherited, sustaining tradition with care and yet keeps an eye to the future so he may bring his people safely into the 21st century.

For His Majesty’s perseverance in innovating education that is now changing the landscape of education in the Kingdom of eSwatini, the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology confers upon His Majesty King Mswati III the Honorary Degree of Doctor in Human Capital Development.


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